Saturday, June 13, 2020

Dumptruck - CanYou Please Crawl Out of Your Window? - live at the Cabaret Metro 1987

Hey folks.  Not much time for a write-up tonight, but for those of you who've been visiting these pages for a spell know that I'm a fairly hardcore acolyte of Dumptruck.  The band's first three albums of serrated indie rock with a mild Americana jones were the stuff of near-flawlessness.  This concert finds the band supporting their third, and in my opinion most gratifying record, '87s For the Country. At this phase of their career Kirk Swan had departed, leaving Dumptruck with only one principle songwriter, Seth Tiven.  Kevin Salem soon filled Swan's stead. This exemplary audience recording of a gig at Chicago's Cabaret Metro in late '87 finds the reconstituted lineup playing a confident, substantive set, placing the emphasis on Dumptruck's most recent two records, the aforementioned For the Country and Positively.  A pair of surprise covers, Dylan's "Can You Please Crawl Out of Your Window?" and The Embarrassment's "Sex Drive" nicely accent the band's already capable and charismatic originals.  I'm making this available in MP3 and FLAC.  A hearty thanks to whomever archived this gig to tape, and furthermore set us up with some artwork.

00. announcements
01. Back Where I Belong
02. Carefree
03. Leaving Here
04. Friends
05. Things Go Wrong
06. From Where I Stand
07. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
08. Island
09. Walk Into Mirrors
10. Going Nowhere
11. 50 Miles
12. Watch Her Fall
13. Encore break
14. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
15. Streets Of Paradise
16. Sex Drive

MP3  or  FLAC


Jim H. said...

thanks much! I love "For The Country" as well, a pretty essential listen.....was glad I got to see them anytime they played here in Boston in the day....

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spavid said...

Thanks Neilantman!