Friday, June 11, 2021

Solid State - "Let it All Out" 7" (1987)

Yet another record I don't own a physical variation of, so thanks in advance to whomever went to the task of ripping this.  This southwestern Connecticut five-piece set may not have realized it at the time it was cut, but this 45's a-side, "Let It All Out" is a Casio organ-laced doozie of a top-down summer song, boasting a relentless and irresistible groove, hearkening back to the last era when Top-40 radio was still a listenable proposition.  Wouldn't necessarily refer to Solid State as power pop, and certainly not new wave (despite "Be Bops" pronounced snyth treatments) but certainly more organic and sincere than say, Glass Tiger or the like.  Even if fun bests innovation by a long-shot here. it's hard to have any objections.

A. Let It All Out
B. Be Bop


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