Sunday, June 27, 2021

"I'm on my own, home all alone." So I got off the phone.

From 1982. Far from the weakest link in their chain of good-to-excellent albums, it is however a bit of a guilty pleasure.  To this day I cringe at the song that employs mechanized vocals, but the other ten are easily keepers. Enjoy

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DiggityDawg said...

Ooooh...I know this one! Ha ha. I usually DON'T, so I wanted to brag a little. It's a good 'un! Really been enjoying their new record, as well.

iamjethro said...

Same. Knew it and was excited. Also, the song quoted is one of the first songs I played and sang in public. High School talent show. Drew some raised eyebrows.

Billy K said...

Wow! I consider this their best or second-best record!