Sunday, October 13, 2019

I went down to the talked to me about my life, it spoke with a voice of reason.

The roots of emo.  Not Rites of Spring, but you're getting pretty damn close. 

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Whimpers and Bangs said...

In the late 90's, towards the end of the first wave of proper emo bands, it seemed to be Embrace (DC) who got the credit for starting the genre, yet i always felt these guys - and (as you mentioned) Rites of Spring - were the bigger influence, each of whom really represented the logical stepping stone between raw punk/hardcore to more emotive rock (especially on the track you take your quotation from). Embrace probably got the credit just because DC icon Ian Mckay (spelling?) was actually in the band, but of course the guys playing on this album had an equally significant lineage. I also like this album a lot better than the Embrace record. Cheers!

spavid said...

Completely agree Whimpers. Embrace's shadow seemingly looms larger because MacKaye has a more recognizable vocal presence (for obvious reasons), despite the fact that Rites (and this band) were the more logical antecedents to emo.