Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Sing Market - Via TV 12" (1986, The Dark Network)

Not really sure how to classify this.  Roxy Music-ish art pop with oblique angularities and discernible mystique?  The co-ed Sing Market were a one-off endeavor featuring minor players that formally performed with the Thompson Twins, Graham Parker, and if the blurb I read is to be believed, even Elvis Costello.  Via TV's title piece takes a minute and a half to build to anything resembling a melody...but when it kicks in it's downright pretty, not to mention vaguely addictive.  The two fretless bass-enhanced flip-sides are grittier, with "Blue Cavaliers" proving to be the more rewarding of the two.  Interesting disc.  My copy contains a lyric insert with a small, asymmetrical swatch of fabric glued to it.  No clue.

A. Via TV
B1. Continental
B2. Blue Cavaliers

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slovenlyeric said...

A really nice one. Again, totally unknown to me. Thank you for all these great lost gems. This one reminds me a bit of the 4AD sound at that time.