Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sarah Shannon - Estheraho ep (1999, Marzipan)

This one slipped by a lot of people, myself included when it was released twenty years ago.  In fact it only made it's way onto my radar quite recently.  Estheraho was an utterly brief, low-key EP from Sarah Shannon, cut shortly after her sizably more renown stint as frontwoman for D.C. area pop wunderkinds Velocity Girl.  In what little I've been able to glean about this CD online, Sarah doesn't regard it as terribly noteworthy, and considers it little more than a stepping stone to a pair of much more sophisticated full lengths, an eponymous 2001 album, '07's City Morning Song.  Thing is, those albums never really sank in with me, but the comparatively spartan Estheraho makes a keener impression.  Whether it's the crunchy indie-pop persuasion of "Wheel in a Wheel," "Marvel's" nervy angst, or the bright and brisk "Gone," there's something about this little disc that I wish she had parlayed to those subsequent albums.

01. Wheel in a Wheel
02. Learn the Ride
03. I Don't Want to See the Light
04. Marvel
05. Gone


Anonymous said...

Hey, have you ever heard of the Gone Away / Nowhere 7" by Boston band Crazy Alice? I think you would really like it.

Pernt said...

Thank you so much for this post! I have been wanting a better bitrate version of this EP for ages. Velocity Girl was one of my favorite bands of the 90s. Sarah was trained as a opera singer, which I think she leaned more into with her two solo albums. But this EP is such a great example of the indie pop greatness she achieved with her bandmates in VG.

slovenlyeric said...

This is a really good one. Thank you for posting this.

Kouzie said...

Thanks! I had no idea this existed. Shame she hasn't done more.

Rolo Tomasi said...

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