Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Decorators - Tablets (1982, Red Flame)

I've never been big on saxophones, and unfortunately Tablet kicks off with plenty of them.  Luckily, The Decorators compensate with a mucho-spiffy album sleeve.  This UK sextet's lean Wiki bio touts them as post-punk, but proto-indie would be a more appropriate categorization.  Some sweet, clangy guitar licks occupy these eleven grooves, albeit they can be teasingly fleeting.  Mouthpiece Mick Bevan is a more prominent element than his five cohorts,  otherwise I'm struggling to pinpoint his combo's m.o.  The contemplative "Red Sky Over Wembley" is Tablet's runaway keeper.

Prior to splitting in 1984, the Decorators released an ep with their variation on the Flamin Groovies "Teenage Head" on side A.  Check out the video below.

01. Strange One
02. We Know It
03. Hidden Hands
04. Headlights
05. Absent Friends
06. Red Sky Over Wembley
07. American Ways
08. Half World
09. Without You
10. We Know it Part Two
11. Curious



Bruce K. said...

I DO like saxophones, especially honking 60s style but even 80s style loungey IF done right. On the second listen this really kicked in for me starting a bit into it with "Absent Friends". Agreed the "Wembley" one is the best. Those intrigued should check it out, and they might love it or hate it.

Andrew said...

Hi! Any chance of a reupload? I would be so grateful!

nal said...

Can I second Andrew's request for a re-up, these guys are good and I would love to hear this album. Thanks for even considering as you have been doing so much good stuff for so long. Much appreciated.