Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pixies - Gone to Heaven live 12-22-91

Given that this will sell itself, I'll keep the text brief.  I never subscribed to the notion that the Pixies peaked on their first two albums, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle, urgent and incendiary as they were.  Their final album with the original Francis/Deal/Santiago/Lovering lineup, Trompe le Monde was hardly a slouch, surging from one euphioric blast to another.  This live boot captures the Pixies at the nadir of what was expected to be their final run (an ongoing reunion would commence in 2004).  They hardly shied away from the then-current Trompe... material, and the gig was all the stronger for it (though they really should've shoehorned "Planet of Sound" somewhere into the setlist).

01. Rock Music
02. Cecilia Ann
03. Gouge Away
04. Motorway to Roswell
05. Alec Eiffel
06. Velouria
07. Crackity Jones
08. Distance Equals Rate Times Time
09. Manta Ray
10. Mental Dance
11. Lovely Day
12. Subacultcha
13. Letter to Memphis
14. Palace of the Brine
15. Ed is Dead
16. Wave of Multilation
17. Monkey Gone to Heaven
18. Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons

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Rev. Dave said...

Sorry, can you clarify when this recorded? Your description sounds like this was recorded during the Trompe tour, but the headline of the post gives the date as 2016.

Aaron said...

12-22-91 per the ID3 tags on the rip.

spavid said...

Big typo there! The year is actually 1991. Thanks for pointing this out.