Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Romantics - Bomp Blues live 1980-83 + Bomp demo

Even at their inception The Romantics must have struck more than a few people as passé.  With skinny ties, leather suits and fluffy hair in tow who wouldn't chalk them up as a passing fad?  Perhaps, but for those who explored the Romantics beyond their two of three mega hits were rewarded with some ace bar rock-cum-power pop that never left a hook to the imagination.  This bootleg compiles a live New Years eve radio broadcast from 1980, a live CBS studio session from the same period, a handful of more concert tracks from 1983, and the band's demo for Bomp Records.  Yep, the smashes are all accounted for - "What I Like About You" "Tell it to Carrie," and the rest.  To the Detroit quartet's credit, "Talking in Your Sleep" and "National Breakout" are more stimulating on stage than the already decent enough album incarnations (though the version of "Breakout" here is truncated - someone didn't hit the record button in time).  The demos sound strikingly similar to the finished versions, not that I'm complaining.  Enjoy.

Live Atlanta 12-31-80
01. National Breakout
02. 21 & Over
03. Tomboy
04. Forever Yours
05. A Night Like This
06. Poor Little Rich Girl
07. interview
08. What I Like About You
09. Ain't Got You

Bomp demos (197?)
10. Tell it to Carrie 
11. Runnin Away
12. First in Line
13. Let's Swing 

Live in CBS Studios, NYC December 1980
14. Ain't Got you
15. What I Like About You
16. A night Like This 
17. Poor Little Rich Girl

Live in San Antonio, TX October 1983
18. When I Look In Your Eyes
19. Gimmie One Chance

20. Keep in Touch
21. Talking in Your Sleep

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