Saturday, October 15, 2022

Sextet - s/t ep (1986, National Trust)

As the band's name suggests, Sextet were a six-piece, but aside from the music I can't tell you much of anything else. For synth-popsters they had some decidedly more aggressive label-mates, including but not limited to the Vandals, Fang and M.I.A. For what it's worth, this half-dozen posse didn't see to be particularly tainted by superficial '80s production techniques and better yet, they had a decent handful of tunes going for them. The Thompson Twins and Erasure Sextet were definitely not, rather you'd swear this crew was occasionally skewing more towards Aztec Camera and the Armoury Show.  I don't have much more to opine on this one, but if anyone wishes to spill some more pertinent details feel free to comment away.  Btw, the sixth track, a remix of "Plants and Animals" is unlisted, and unfortunately may have a skip around the 21-second mark.

01. I Lie in Wait
02. Captuered
03. Side By Side
04. Tight
05. Plants and Animals
06. Plants and Animals (remix)



Unknown said...

Three members from the Huntington Beach punk band “The Crowd”.

Failsafe said...

I'm hearing teardrop explodes in the first song.

spavid said...

Thanks. Didn't know about The Crowd connection. Failsafe, I guess I'll have to give that first track another spin.

corycmc said...

Cool! I was just searching for this recently because of The Crowd connection but couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks