Sunday, October 2, 2022

Mick & the Maelstroms - Privates (1989, Rivet)

On what could be their lone LP, Mick & Co. don't stir up a Maelstrom, or even much cacophonous noise, but ironically enough, simply a batch of respectable pop rockers.  While they didn't necessarily blow up college radio playlists, the New York-area trio in question hardly blended in with the AOR types of their era either.  Even if Mick & the Maelstroms weren't intent on seizing the sound of anyone in particular they did boast a modicum or two of appeal amidst the boppy power-pop of the title track, plus the bittersweet "Not So Long Ago" and "Strange Things Start to Happen," a sturdy, melodic bar rocker. "Sous Quelle Etoile Suis-Je Ne?" is a cover, but I couldn't tell you squat about the original version.

01. Privates
02. Difficult
03. Levitation
04. When I Get My Car
05. Not So Long Ago
06. Strange Things Start to Happen
07. In the Bath
08. Leave Her Alone
09. Sous Quelle Etoile Suis-Je Ne?
10. Nothing to Fear 


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FRANCK said...

the original version had been created by michel Polnareff at the end of 1966. released as the 1st title of his 1st ep, it was also the 1st title of his 1st album.
Other titles were taken up including "no no no" (The Doll Who Does Not) from the same album by Scott McKenzie, main title of his 3rd single which is found on his 1st album. Here is a youtube link to see the title taken from a French TV show from 1966.