Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Red Rain Coat - s/t (1990, Blue In)

Sometimes when I receive a request for a band I'm wholly unfamiliar with it can lead down a pretty rewarding rabbit hole.  Much as I dig the new find, sadly, after doing what little research I could, I wasn't able to find out many pertinent details regarding the long defunct Red Rain Coat, presumably an indie quartet that possibly called Switzerland home. In terms of what imbued their music however RRC's collective gaze seemed to be fixed on Ireland, particularly taking a page or two from the likes of Power of Dreams, Cactus World News, and early(ish) U2. For their debut LP they decided to give fans and the world at large nearly two albums worth of material, and judging from just an initial, listen I'm grateful they were so generous. Preceding the LP was a 1987 single that spoke even more relevantly to their post-punk bona fides, the video of which you can view here. Enjoy.

01. Facade
02. Mother
03. Lokomotion
04. Running Round
05. Avalanche
06. She Likes Rain
07. Runes 2
08. Small Place
09. Footsteps
10. Wonderland
11. Spaghetti
12. Look For Somebody Else
13. Love or Hate
14. Wasteland
15. Past
16. Sometimes
17. Love Will Break My Mind
18. Runes 2



FiveGunsWest said...

A damned pleasant surprise! Thanks.

bristolboy said...

In case you're wondering what the B-side is like. Here's their 45 - enjoy!''+1987+Swiss.rar/file

EricC said...

I came to say thanks for the album, and then see the single here too! Thank you both of you for this marvelous band. Now I gotta go digging for more!

spavid said...

Thanks for the link bristolboy!

EricC said...

And I found the rest thanks to Discogs!