Saturday, October 8, 2022

Perfect Vision - Tongues Out mLP (1986, Backs)

The Perfect Vision ep I shared last year seemed to illicit a positive reaction, so here's another feast for your retinas, if not your eardrums. There isn't an abundance of difference between the two records. This Cambridge, England flock were still not exactly a radio-friendly fit by the time they got around to sticking their Tongues Out, so to speak. Still, Perfect Vision sport a wry accessibility at times, whether they were conscious of it or not thanks to no small amount of rhythmical agility.  The post-punk undercurrents buttressing so much of 1984's Broken Crown ep are evident on Tongues, "Damnation," but stylistically it's clear this quartet were content to have their fingers in a myriad of pies.  From what I can tell these fellows doggedly stuck to indie labels to disseminate their recordings, and while they would have probably gone further had they been taken under the wing of say, Rupert Hine, I'm grateful they prioritized keeping their credibility intact. 

01. Hole in the Soul
02. Scratch & Howl
03. Engines
04. Kick
05. Impossible Blue
06. Damnation
07. ...Like Engines


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