Saturday, March 13, 2021

Dramarama - The Best Was Yet to Come (199?)

Well, another week of embarrassingly minimal content for ya'll. Sorry folks.  Dramarama.  No strangers to this page, but I haven't followed up on them in awhile. This was a fan-curated collection of songs, seemingly thrown together haphazardly, but the emphasis on songs that were recorded when they were on their last legs in the '90s (pre '00s reunion of course).  We get what appear to be demos of songs re-recorded and properly made available for public consumption, ironically just in the last few years. "It's Only Money," "Swamp Song" and "Everyday" eventually appeared on their last LP, Color TV"Indian Gin and Whiskey Dry" was their contribution to a Bee Gees tribute, and likewise was "Raw Ramp" for a Marc Bolan & T. Rex covers comp.  I think "Sincerely" (Dwight Twilley cover) and "7 Minutes More or Less" were taken from the band's 18 Big Ones hits collection. I don't know where "Crime Scene" is from. Might just be a random outtake.  Anyway, it's a neat, but curiously random listen.  Enjoy.

01. Crime Scene
02. Sincerely
03. Indian Gin and Whiskey Dry
04. Prayer for Survival (acoustic)
05. It's Only Money
06. The Swamp Song
07. Everyday
08. 7 Minutes More or Less
09. Raw Ramp


Josef Kloiber said...

Neal, DRAMARAMA a great(!!) band.
I have all of them except the last one from 2020.
I don't know yet whether this is also recommendable.
I also have THE MESS !
Some side project of DRANARAMA.

Josef Kloiber said...

This comment to Dramarama from Josef.

Thomas Aldora said...


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heartsofstone said...

Thanks - I love this band

Simon Dennis said...

Great band....wish I could hear it....why is Zippy a 403 Forbidden zone? just requested "70s TV" on local radio today.....Simon