Friday, July 26, 2019

Another Carnival - Seven Lines (1988, Janet Marie)

Another Carnival were the assumed pride and joy of Eau Claire, WI, circa the late '80s - early '90s.  And not a bad flagship band at that for a town of about 60,000 to boast, given Carnival's penchant for meat 'n potatoes jangle pop that seemed all too fitting for their midwest locale. Nervy guitar salvos illuminate "How to Find It" and the roiling "The Big Mistake," but this quartet was even more effective when sticking to breezier guitar pop motifs like "Stay" and "She Says it's Real."  Seven Lines entails a few clunkers (e.g. "Over Our Houses") but nothing egregious enough to weigh down it's overarching strengths. In short, a satisfying listen.  Two more Carnival albums would follow.

01. All Away
02. The Big Mistake
03. Hand Across the Heart
04. How to Find It
05. Banners Like Sirens
06. No Surprises
07. Stay
08. She Says it's Real
09. Seven Lines
10. Over Our Houses
11. Who Cares


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Jlundo said...

My dad is the engineer on this album...Thanks for sharing!