Sunday, February 3, 2019

I guess beauty runs in the family, it's as easy as DNA.

Everyone raves about the debut  - and rightfully so.  But this follow-up came in at a remarkably close second.

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Pernt said...

Boy oh boy... one of my favorite bands of the 90s. (Even though their debut landed in the tail end of the 80s.) I almost - almost! - got them to play a music festival I used to produce, but the logistics were too much to overcome. I never got to see Freddie Mercury perform live, and I never got to see this band in their prime either. Dammit.

I hope some of the WO visitors who've never heard them before fall in love with them like I did way back in the day. (And for what it's worth, I like their 1st and 3rd albums better than this one, but it's a great platter nonetheless.)

Now I will go listen to their entire discography all day long. Thank you!

Megan D said...

Wow, this fills a gap. I'd forgotten that there was a record between JL & TDR. Thanks.

Unknown said...

See them now. They're STILL great.

spavid said...

Truthfully, I enjoy this one as much as LJ.

FINE said...

My favourite band and this is my favourite record of theirs.