Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Daisies - Kowloon House (1995, I.R.S.)

Despite having ties to a fairly prominent indie label, I.R.S., I hadn't been exposed to The Daisies until just a few years ago.  Typically, given their stature and era there is little more than a Soundcloud page I can refer you to.  This quartet from I-don't-know-where existed at the height of the "alternative" epoch, but don't sound like a deliberate product of it.  Kowloon House is heavy on ballads, but thankfully not the 'power' variation thereof.  The overall effect is akin to a more economic Gin Blossoms, but that's a vague comparison at best.  Truth be told the Daisies were a helluva lot more effective when they cranked their collective amps on the power chord-laced title track, "Aeroplane Day" and "Day Spent."  Signposts occasionally veer towards the Lemonheads (say, It's a Shame... era) and another splendid contemporary of theirs, Small 23.  An ep and a couple singles surrounded this album.

01. Aeroplane Day
02. Sunday Drivers
03. Day Spent
04. Dog
05. New French Ballad
06. Everything Comes to Nothing
07. She's All Mine
08. Kowloon House
09. Milk Out of Grass
10. Chocolate
11. Purple & Green
12. Another Good Reason Not To Be A Star


Jim H. said...

good stuff, thanks!!! judging by what i see on Discogs, these fellas were from Oxford, not Ride from that burgh?

Hismagigiacbookaness said...

Hey Jim H.
yes, that's right. The Guitarist is now in a band called Earinade- they have 2 albums up on bandcamp and are well worth checking out.
The singer is a guy called Mac who led Athur Turner's Lovechild? back in the days of the Daisies etc, and ran The Jericho Tavern which was by far Oxford's best live venue.