Friday, February 8, 2019

Rex Daisy - tape (1992)

This bygone combo from the suburbs of the Twin Cities offered express delivery to the same power pop sweet spot contemporaries The Rembrandts, Velvet Crush and Greenberry Woods more famously made the same destination to.  The quartet known as Rex Daisy wasted nary a second on this three song demo, a preface to their Guys and Dolls album.  Word has it they even seized a major label deal at one point but had the proverbial rug pulled out from under them.  For shame, because they boasted excellent material.  If you dig these numbers the aforementioned album is available on Amazon streaming and downloads and iTunes.

01. Bottom o' the World
02. Stuck on AM
03. La La Land


Rik said...

Thanks Spavid. Do you have the Rex Daisy self titled Unmastered Mixes album from 1999? I've never seen it. Here's the Discog URL for it:

spavid said...

No, I saw that on Discogs too. That one must not have been in very high circulation.

billybadbum said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one, never heard them before. Great stuff!

Bruce Brodeen said...

I never saw this one back in the day and it was the sort of thing Not Lame would have jumped on and listed on the site and print catalog as NL carried the earlier album back in '96/'97. I remember talking w/ their label guy then and he mentioned the same major label story mentioned here - wonder if this was the album they had in the can or was new material around '99?