Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Press - Fodder for the Critics (1979, Laser)

Recently had a request for this, although I don't own a physical copy myself.  It's apparently impossible to locate from what little nosing around I've been able to do.  The Press were four Sydney, Australia based lads who had the benefit of absorbing the gamut of punk and pub rock in the handful of years preceding their lone LP, Fodder for the Critics.  Their Anglophile bent was unmistakable, albeit eschewing the rebellious tenor of the Sex Pistols, Clash, etc, while retaining the driving power chords.  Sonically, the Press had more in common with Pistols spinoffs the Rich Kids and Professionals than the antecedent band itself, not to mention the Stranglers, and perhaps a smidge of Eddie and the Hotrods to boot.  Fodder... was a damn intelligent and spirited record that clearly deserved a better fate.  Considerably more info (with band commentary tucked in the comments) can be found at Wallaby Beat.

01. Someone New Somewhere
02. I Think I'm Gonna Go Right Out
03. Night
04. Out of View
05. Rock Capital
06. She Wants it All
07. Walking in the Heat
08. Trapped in the Wreckage
09. Alcoholic