Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Swizzlesticks - s/t (2002, Defacto)

I don't exactly have a bounty of specifics to extol on this power pop quartet, but nevertheless I'm sure that a good many of you will be firmly in their corner upon imbibing this disk.  The Swizzlesticks hearken back to such old reliables as Poole and Splitsville, when indie imprints like Big Deal and Not Lame were the order of the day.  There's even echos of the Plimouls and Material Issue bangin' around on "She Says No to Everything" and "I Just Wanna Know You." A quick scan of the credits reveal that the 'sticks give props to none other than David Bash, and as I'm frequently inclined to impart, "bash the head that does not Bash."

01. She Says No to Everthing
02. Fall Again
03. Tremblin' Hands
04. Hang Around
05. Dani Stole My Girlfriend
06. Cupid Missed His Mark
07. Make Me
08. Used to be a Man
09. Late Night Movie
10. Down
11. I Just Wanna Know You
12. Say You Love Me Too

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