Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Earthmen - Flyby ep (1993, Summershine)

For those of us in the States, anyone's knowledge of Melbourne Australia's Earthmen probably began and ended with their first LP, 1993's Teen Sensations.  Signed to Seed Records (a boutique division of Atlantic Records masquerading as an indie) in the western hemisphere, and the much hipper Summershine down under, the Earthmen doled out gnarly, feedback-addled guitar hysterics on this ep's title-track, that would do J Mascis proud.  The decidedly strummier "Too Far Down" is mellower fare for sure, but this quartet dip back into their bag of dizzying distortion tactics on the closing "Stacey's Cupboard," which in case you were wondering also made it onto a single.  I was never what you would call a fanboy of these chaps, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the hell out of their records when I got the notion to pull them out.  You can school yourself further on the Earthmen from the links offered above as well as a more exhaustive bio here.

01. Flyby
02. Too Far Down
03. Roll
04. Stacey's Cupboard



Lainagier said...

Fond memories of these guys beating me in a Battle of the Bands.

spavid said...

Hope that contest wasn't too much of a heartbreaker!

Lainagier said...

Nah, we sucked.

Ryan said...

Their follow-up "The Fall and Rise of My Favorite Sixties Girl" is quite good, too. it's on youtube.