Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sex Tide - Vernacular Splatter ep (2015, Superdreamer) - A brief overview

Arising not from the primordial ooze of say, California's fabled La Brea Tar Pits, rather central Ohio, Sex Tide manage to pack a subterranean wallop entirely of their own accord.  Yep, insert those earplugs 'coz Vernacular Splatter is gonna hurt, if only on your first or second encounter, anyway.  Where can you find the DIY post-punk ethos of local yokels Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, the eccentricities of The Fall, and Sonic Youth's SST-era sprawl all rolled up into one garage-stompin' greaseball?  You got it, right here on the six-track Vernacular, where the rubber meets the proverbial road, graciously scooped off the same slab of asphalt that only Flipper and AmRep bands of yore once dared to tread.   And speaking of Flipper, this coed twosome wrangle up a raw, likeminded ruckus, with copious portions of low-end to spare.  Highlights include the throbbing opener "Are You Even Alive," and a little further in the slow-burning muck of “Why Don’t You Want Me” which plods along like a molasses paced train wreck, equally compelling and repelling.

Vinyl copies (with splendidly hand-screened back covers) are available straight from Superdreamer Records, and Bandcamp, where you can also get your digital fix. 

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