Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Missed in Diary - Dissolve ep (1995, Eye)

Upon sharing a 1991 7" from Detroit's Missed in Diary a few months ago, one of our readers was thoughtful enough to supply me with a link to a subsequent ep from them, originally issued in 1995.  And it's a killer offering at that, flexing the beefy post-punk musculature that was evident on that 45 exponentially.  This ain't your sisters' namby pamby, pancake makeup-wearing bunch of goth sissies, not by a long shot.  The pummeling drum salvos alone (programmed as they may be) set in stone these lads could rock with a vengeance, a la Red Lorry Yellow Lorry or Band of Susans.  Jeff Cornett's pipes are indeed gloomy, but never doomy, and his icy guitar leads lend themselves perfectly to both the premise of MID's pensive prose and the dense sonic latticework they're steeped in.  In a word, Dissolve is transfixing.  A big thanks to Megan for setting us up with these files.  Methinks I'm going to have to locate an original copy of this CD for myself.

01. To Crowd the Hours
02. Pause for Effect
03. Wonders Why
04. Gone
05. Dissolve

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