Saturday, March 10, 2018

V/A - It's Another Iowa Compilation - Unchartered Territories (1988, South East)

So there's probably not a lot of household name talent here, but I think you'll be pleasantly (if not incrementally) surprised.  I actually posted the predecessor to Vol 2 eons ago, and there are quite a few acts that follow over (after all, the records only came out a year apart and that weren't that many comp-able indie acts in the Hawkeye State).  At any rate, both sides of this collection are pretty consistent, with the first half containing a trifecta of bands I've enthusiastically dedicated space to n W/O over the years, namely, Full Fathom Five, Dangtrippers, and the Hollowmen.  The last of those three contribute a distorto-molten gem "Pavilion," which would have fit splendidly on either of the Hollowmem's two albums.  As for the relatively unknown quantities 23 Lies mine a noir vein, Movable Feast and Stone Wakening deliver some riff savvy indie rock, while the Merry Pranksters and Made Ya Look wield something approaching power pop. As for House of Large Sizes, I could never get into them.  Really gave 'em a chance too.  BTW, my apologies for the radio station writing on the cover.

Incidentally, many more volumes in the Iowa Compilation series would could down the pike, and even existed long enough to accommodate the biggest band to ever come out of the state, Slipknot. Indie rock makes for strange bedfellows folks.

01. The Eclectics - Big Tough Dreams
02. House of Large Sizes - What If There's a Fire
03. Artificial Limb Embrace - Let me In (Your Blood Bath)
04. Full Fathom Five - Ego Explosion
05. Dangtrippers - Cult Pop Guru
06. The Hollowmen - Pavilion
07. 23 Lies - A Pale Blue in the Muddy Grey
08. The Tape-Beatles - Ads Become the News
09. Stone Wakening - A Thought
10. Ted Cutler - Crawl
11. Chronic Love - Sid
12. The Merry Pranksters - Now
13. Movable Feast - The End of the World
14. Made Ya Look - The Dreamers
15. The Punishment Club - Getting Too Round
16. The Tape-Beatles - Individual Choice


Jim H. said...

thanks! pretty sure i have a cassette of this someplace, nice to have it digital!!!

Christopher tm said...

I had this on vinyl "back in the day". Great comp. Thank you.


spavid said...

You're welcome!