Sunday, March 4, 2018

For every closed door open windows let in air...

Stunning, forward thinking indie rock from 2015, with a tincture of retro pizazz to keep things interesting.



Spiral Scratch Records said...

hello neal, hello neal

i've been away too long and google led me back. i apologize my comment is not related to Mystery Monday but a desperate search to hear a lost cd led me back...

it's been a solid 10 years since Overwhelming Colorfast's 'Sourdough' e.p. was posted.

now help an old friend out, wont you?

take care and addictive reading as usual. keep it up.


spavid said...

Will get to it when I get home from work my good man. Might have another O/C related surprise for you soon as well.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Bob Reed are close friends of mine.
My band OHMWRECKER and I just recently played a show in San Francisco with Dan's new band SUN BEAST.Bob was there and gifted me a 7" copy of Sourdough. TWO WORDS will finally be released on vinyl this year in a monster 3XLP set. You wont meet a nicer set of dudes (or brothers) in your life. COLORFAST were so underrated. Great band and heroes of mine.