Saturday, March 24, 2018

J Church - Altamont '99 (1998, AuGoGo)

This is quite the 180 from my Shoes post from a couple nights ago.  J Church are no stranger to these pages, but this might be the last of what I can share given that so many of their records are back in circulation, if only digitally.  The basics: a pop-punk combo from San Francisco (later Austin), whose two-minute songs often had a socio-political bent, but nothing heavy handed.  Ex-Cringer guy Lance Hahn was the band's nucleus and only consistent member duyring J Church's 1991-2007 tenure.  They released an often unrelenting avalanche of singles and full lengths during that time, with a sizeable concentration of them arriving in the '90s.  Melodic, observant, intelligent and even cathartic, all of these attributes could be pinned to J Church - even simultaneously on occasions.  Altamont '99 is a plentiful collection of singles and (mostly) non album material, containing some of Lance's career best including "Undisputed King of Nothing," "Your Shirt" and "Contempt For Modesty," alongside covers by Radiohead, The Smiths and even Guided By Voices."  Lance passed away from natural causes in 2007, but not before leaving behind an immensely prolific legacy. 

1. I Would For You
2. Transvestite Show
3. Your Shirt 
4. Switzerland
5. Without A Single Word
6. Church On Fire
7. Lines
8. Creep
9. Girlfriend In A Coma
10. Racked
11. Mary's Moving Out
12. You Fucking Trick
13. The Dramatic History Of A Boring town
14. 8:28
15. Waiting On The Ground
16. Ayn Rand Is Dead
17. College Station
18. The Undisputed King Of Nothing
19. Snot Rags
20. I Have To Admit...
21. If We Wait...
22. Contempt For Modesty
23. Faye Wong
24. What Should I Do?
25. Plastic
26. You Might Never
27. Crop Circles
28. Alone When She Dies


Adam said...

It crazy that it has been more than 10 years since Lance died. It seems like yesterday. :(

dlbrach said...

Thanks for keeping the memory of Lance alive, he is definitely missed.