Sunday, December 11, 2022

Sometimes I wish that I was nine years old again.

From 1982. The first of four albums.

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FRANCK said...

probaly the most underated american band. but you forgot the 2017 studio album as good as the fourth before.

EricC said...

I didn't need to look at the DL (although I did after). Between 4 albums and the line you quoted, I knew instantly.

Before these were finally reissued on CD, I burned all of my vinyl so I could listen to these on the road. They were so ahead of their time. If they had been around in the early 90s, they would have been all over AA radio.

And yeah, the reunion album is real good too.

spavid said...

That's right, I completely neglected to acknowledge the fifth album. Thanks for being so observant!

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

Great group. Saw them live several times and got to know the guys.

This band was not served well by their record label(s). I tried to find this first album in the DC region from 1982-84 and could not locate it! There were serious distribution issues. I finally found a British import on the CBS label in late '84.

At the time, I remember thinking the album must have sold out, but I came to realize the label(s) weren't getting copies to the stores. This might have been because they were on two labels simultaneously and each one thought the other was in charge.