Saturday, December 3, 2022

Jitterz - Over Here ep (1984, Nocopo)

Sorry for another sparse week in terms of posting goes, but I should have a big announcement to make later on Sunday that will make everyone very happy. Until then, consider The Jitterz, a bygone New Jersey proposition who had a penchant for snythy power pop/wave and a charming DIY aesthetic.  Some lightweight socio-political commentary certainly adds to the fun, but Over Here is just as likely make you groove as think.  This ep was preceded by another one. A single, "The World's Gone Mad" followed in '88, and apparently the band folded not long after that.

01. Better Off Without You
02. Ignorance is Bliss
03. Disco Gone Rock
04. America Goes Shopping
05. Where Did Our Parents Go Wrong
06. Bring on Another Week


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Beyes said...

Winter, and Chanukah, are coming!