Monday, December 12, 2022

Big News II: All* 2010-2013 broken links have been restored .

Actually, that should probably read all 2007-2013 links have been restored, because I tackled the first three years of this site about a week ago. For more details on what's going and what files aren't coming back please check out my post from December 4. One additional thing to point out - the Mystery Monday links aren't being revived, much like the titles that have become commercially available again.

Yes, this has been quite the project and I still have a ways to go.  Nonetheless, well over 1000 links are active again, and I've even updated a LOT of the post-2013 links. Hopefully the next time I post a follow-up regarding restored links should be when I have ALL links I intend to revive back up and running. Until then have at it!


Pernt said...

Restoring all the links may be a bigger deal than your annual Eight Nights Of Hannukah. If you feel the need to take a break this year, I'm sure all your regular readers will understand.

Thanks again for all the hard (and awesome) work you put into your blog. It's the first place I visit every morning.

Happy holidays!

trapink said...

Whoa! This is huge — thanks much!

Happy Holidays from Utah –

DiggityDawg said...

Holy crap - I tip my cap ( didn't mean for that to rhyme, but I'm too tired to change it ). Thanks!

Malaspina said...

Huge task. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

yo said...

You are really unbelievable man!
It really was worth the wait.

Take care

jgmoney said...

this is so awesome! my holiday dreams have come true