Sunday, September 4, 2022

You can cry now, or you can cry later…

Last week we received some difficult news that half of the songwriting team of this band passed away. They never made any inroads with the mainstream, but their catalog (predominantly recorded in the '80s) speaks for itself.  This compilation makes the an exceptional case for that.

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Scaggsaway said...

Would you say this is more a best of collection or a rarities compilation? Because I have some other things from this band (probably because of you) but I don't see any overlap.

spavid said...

Well, I know it supposed to be composed of mostly album tracks, however earlier in their career the Windbreakers did release a couple of EPs that only existed on vinyl, so maybe that's where some of the more unrecognizable songs are from? I guess I don't know their records as well as I thought I did. Sorry about that.

Scaggsaway said...

You said the name!

But thank you. Also the new songs were really throwing me off. Otherwise, I guess it makes sense as a best of sort of thing. Bold of them to start the thing off with new ones. But they were right.

Hibsbish said...

The 2 "new" songs are from a brief reunion in 2002 whilst the other 18 songs are from their once commercially available but now hard-to-find LPs. If you are lucky enough to find the CD version of "At Home With ..." it has the whole of the 1985 LP "Terminal" as extra tracks (11 extra songs.)
I have a UK issued EP of Bobby's called "Another Jangly Mess" - I can't imagine it sold that many copies and have only just found out that it was basically a 5 track sampler of his 1987 US issued LP called "Only Ghosts Remain" which you can find on Youtube.
Thanks for posting Spavid.