Sunday, September 25, 2022

Unaccounted IV ep (1984)

There's not much info, if any to be had on this presumably North Carolina based quartet, whose self-released ep may be their lone surviving artifact. Unaccounted IV's strain of power pop is not so much of three-chord variety, rather a bit more highbrow a la The Motors. There are other subtle Brit Invasion maneuvers baked into the band's proverbial cake, the Zombies among them. What these guys really strive for (and frankly readily achieve) is their penchant for remarkably adept harmonies regardless of how fevered their tunes are executed. I'm mighty impressed. 

01. Room For Three
02. Girl on a String
03. You're Always Alone
04. The Incredible Shrinking Mind
05. Room for Three (Dance Remix)



George Leroy Tirebiter said...

Just listened to this - fantastic! Never heard (or heard of) this band till today.

Being originally from Raleigh, I know Larry Gardner's studio Audiofonics (who previously was the engineer @local AM station WKIX and audio engineer for JCP records, also in Raleigh. And the producer Rod Dash is really Rod Abernethy, most known as guitarist/singer in Arrogance, but also well known in the NC music scene in general.

One question: Having a hard time correctly reading the bass, vocal guy Bill's last name. Discogs lists it as Hawkins but in the back cover scan you include it looks a little different. Could you confirm?

Failsafe said...

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the cleverness of the band name.

spavid said...

It's Bill Hawkins, George. Thanks for tipping me off to the Arrogance connection. Very much acknowledged Failsafe.