Friday, May 7, 2021

Sybil - Olympia 7" (1991, eMpTy)

Sybil.  Co-ed (weighted kinda heavily to the female end of the spectrum) Seattle denizens who later expanded their moniker to Kill Sybil featuring in their line-up drummer Patty Schemel who in a few years would make the migration to Hole just in time for their Live Through This and Celebrity Skin records.  After you take in this single you'll understand why it was a wholly logical move on her part, given this disc's a-side "Olympia" is blatant grunge-ola homage to Hole's first record, Pretty on the Inside, not to mention early Mudhoney. It's mildly amusing for the first thirty seconds but downright redundant for the duration.  By the time they hit the second song on the other side of the coin, "Dream" Sybil seemingly evolved into an entirely ball of wax, wielding jangly, indie-pop smarts and adopting a significantly more tuneful aesthetic, which fortunately carried over to Kill Sybil's lone, self-titled full length in 1993.

A. Olympia
B1. Push Me Down
B2. Dream

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