Saturday, May 8, 2021

Chameleons UK & Mark Burgess - random rarities

This is merely a self "curated" pastiche of various Mark Burgess and/or Chameleons tracks stitched together from bootlegs and fan-assembled collections I purloined all the way back in the Napster era. I paid no attention to sequencing, nor am I familiar with the sourcing of several of these tunes. There are a couple tunes from the odds and sods Chameleon's comp Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, an alternate version or two from the band's BBC Evening Sessions, a remix, demos, and even some unreleased bullion.  I included "Ever After" a song that appeared on the bonus EP that was bundled with Strange Times. For some reason this tune (possibly my fave Chameleons track overall) inexplicably didn't make it onto certain CD incarnations of that album. Also in this folder you can get an earful of Mark's pre-Chameleons outfit Mark Burgess & The Clichés, plus scarcities from some of his offshoot projects like The Reegs and The Sun and the Moon. In essence, I dedicate these melodies to you... Enjoy (or not).

Chameleons - Bobby Moore's Wine (Mad Jack demo)
Chameleons - Dear Dead Days
Chameleons - Ever After
Chameleons - Just Say No (unreleased)
Chameleons - Sally
Chameleons - Singing Rule Brittania (Radio One Evening Show, version two)
Chameleons - Splitting in Two (live)
Chameleons - Swamp Thing (loss mix)
Chameleons - The Healer (alternate version)
Chameleons - View From a Hill (Radio One Evening Show)
Mark Burgess - Mickey Mouschwitz
Mark Burgess & The Clichés - Leaving Town
Mark Burgess & The Clichés - Rock of Ages
Mark Burgess & White Rose Transmission - Digging for Water
The Reegs - The Dream Police
The Sun and the Moon - Angels
The Sun and the Moon - Love You, You Bastard


ppp said...
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ppp said...

thx a lot.
I am a long time fan and found new stuff there.
swamp thing : not the voice of Burgess but sounds like Ned's atomic
The Smiths in the pics.

D said...

Needs a Chameleons pic rather than The Smiths.
Great collection though.

dirthvader1 said...

Thanx for this.... never had any pre-Chameleons stuff... always try to catch Mark on his Chameleon-Vox tours... he's much nicer than the blokes in the picture....

EricC said...

Mark was not in the Reegs, that was John and Reg from the Chams.

I think I have everything here, but I'll still DL it ... since I'm that fanboy. Thank you!

Cory said...

Hi there!!

Thanks for sharing; however, the link is dead. Do you mind updating the link please?

Thank you

phil said...

Link is dead already. Please re up.

phredneverfred said...

zippyshare is down and has been most of the day

spavid said...

Hi. I'm on vacation, so a new link will have to wait. My apologies.

Dave said...

Love the Chameleons... too bad Dave and Mark can't even be in the same room together. While Mark has apparently played fast and loose with the truth over the years, Dave has become petty and bitter. It's sad.

WDM said...

Brilliant post, Chameleons was and is always a pleasure. I think, I have all
their stuff, but here are some treasures which are new to me.

Danke & Cheers!