Saturday, April 3, 2021

Shelf Life 7" (199?, Cassiel)

I'm not sure what became of Shelf Life, if only due to the fact that I have no pertinent details on how/where they originated.  This single, apparently their lone release, doesn't even bear a copyright date, though a reasonable estimation is 1995/96. Nonetheless, it was a good era to be vending indie rock, and had Shelf Life stuck around for an album or two we might be remebering them in the same thought bubble as contemporaries New Radiant Storm King, The Multiple Cat and Raymond Brake.  I could go for a little more personalty here, but both sides still hit the spot with "Silver Lining" winning me over the most.  BTW Cassiel records was responsible for an early Mountain Goats single, and if you own it you've got a collector's item on your hands.

A. The Object
B. Silver Lining


George Leroy Tirebiter said...

Saw the info lack & curious myself so did some googlin'. Per a Soundcloud post of Silver Lining, otherwise found nothing else of value.

copyright Cassiel Records, 1996.

Shelf Life - "The Object" b/w "Silver Lining"
Dave Spaulding - vocals, guitar
Mike Leahy - Guitar
Brian Dunton - Bass
Shawn King Devlin - Drums
Recorded and Mixed at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA

spavid said...

Thanks George. I saw that one too. Didn't want to be too redundant.

Unknown said...

All the members in this band were in other bands. Mike and Dave were in Pell Mell. Brian and Shawn were in Helium and Dumptruck.

harry said...

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