Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Spinning Jennys - It's It It It 7" (1991, Tea Time)

Not to be confused with the Bay Area band of the same name (and approximate spelling), these Spinning Jennys were from Norfolk...Britain.  And they definitely sounded like they were a product of the UK, merging the aggro, guitar-lacquered surge of contemporaries the Wonder Stuff and Senseless Things with a mildly hazy dream-pop subtext (though I'm sure no one was mistaking this five-piece for My Bloody Valentine back in their day). Pitch in a healthy dollop of melodic chops and dense arrangements and you've got a downright keeper on your hands.  Of the three cuts here, the chiming, bass-driven "Supermarine" is this 45's anomaly, evoking the more lucid tones that the Stone Roses were taking to the bank.  This single and a few compilation songs were the only recorded provisions the Jennys left us. 

A. It's It It It (Part VII)
B1. Supermarine
B2. I'd Laugh If Your Head Exploded


Bhagpuss said...

I think it's "I'd Laugh If Your HEAD Exploded" although the vocals are so heavily treated, who could be sure?

Nick said...

This is a blast from the past. I lived in Norwich around the time these folks were active.

spavid said...

Thanks for pointing out the typo Bhag. Too bad these guys didn't stick around for an album.

Unknown said...

Mother of God this blog is an absolute treasure... this music deserves to be more prominently known... just look at the play count of any popular music released within the last year, some are in the Billions of plays, and many in the 100s of millions

Willfully Obscure as the name is an incredible concept, but I deeply worry about this music being even more forgetting save for a valiant soul like our Blogger.

What's the right balance?