Sunday, January 10, 2021

A relatively acute case of underblogging - Best of the blog mix 2020.

Well, it wasn't my intention of going the entire week without sharing any fresh, vintage tunes, but at the very least I was planning on my latest annual compendium, which is usually get to early in January than this.  Hopefully this will be the exception and not the rule.  Needless to say I didn't partake in as much record shopping this year as I normally do.  While we can chalk that up to a one very obvious (and tragic) aspect, I've accumulated so much stuff over the past few years that I really didn't have an excuse for being so slack in posting entries.  Hard to say what 2021 might hold, but content-wise thus far I've been less than generous - but hopefully I'll be turning the corner on that soon. 

The 26 songs occupying the folder that you may opt to capture to your hard disk of choice, are arranged loosely at best, with most of the more fun, less heady selections occupying the first quarter, with the last quarter placing the emphasis on the opposite tenor, you might say.  What's in between varies in terms of mood/mode/modus operandi, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions. I'm pressed for time to elaborate on any particular titles, though I plan on attaching links to the original artist entries, if not later today, soon.  As usual I've tossed in a handful of previously unshared kernels that are noted with an asterisk.  Speaking of which, I'm looking for a quality rip of Ghost Of An American Airman's Some Day LP from 1988.  I'm assuming few copies made it to mainland America from the band's native Ireland.  At any rate, dig in.

01. Great Outdoors - World At My Shoes
02. Cool It Reba - I Saw Snakes
03. The Choice - Candy
04. Secrets - Uniform*
05. Rockin Beats - Foreign Girl
06. Ring Theatre - Mrs. Ann
07. Children's Crusade - Your Time is Through
08. Chicken Scratch - House the Size of Your Mind
09. Quinn the Eskimo - Samantha Rain
10. The Waxmen - Hands That Speak
11. Ghost Of An American Airman - I Hear Voices*
12. Airstrip - English Guns
13. Eyes - Disneyland
14. Sgt. Arms - Company Girl*
15. The Seen - Younger Than Yesterday
16. The Heats - Night Shift
17. 11th Hour - Pictures In My Room
18. The Glory Box - Aarr
19. Jet Black Factory - Tonight
20. Crashing Plains - I Dream of Structures
21. Nothing But Happiness - Buried in the Flowers
22. Friends of Ghosts - Eleven Boy
23. Red House - 25 Reasons
24. Bond Bergland - Found Wonder
25. Nice Strong Arm - Minds Lie
26. Lifers - Wealthy Additions


Pernt said...

Welcome to 2021! Any chance this year we could get posts of the three bands in your "Strum & Thrum Reimagined" comp that you've never featured before: Cordy Lon, October's Child, andf Blinkies? Thanks to your comp and the official one, I am JONESING for more indie 80s jangle.

spavid said...

Hey Pernt. Happy 2021 to you! Well, October's Child put out a single, which unfortunately I don't own (I merely extracted the audio from YouTube). The Blinkies never released anything commercially, though an anthology is in the works. If you're on Facebook look them up and you can read a little more about that. Cordy Lon had a demo tape making the rounds in the late '80s, and it's actually available on Amazon downloads -

Pernt said...

Thanks for all that info. I will definitely check it all out... after I've listened to both "Strum & Thrum" comps for a tenth time...

Panic on 13th said...

Thanks for all your work! Looking forward to this year's "best of" installment. I remember the year I couldn't get past the Bandables track playing it over and over. I wonder what treasures are in store this year?

Panic on 13th said...

Any chance of re-upping the best of blog links from years past? Was thinking of making my own Wilfully Obscure boxed set...

heartsofstone said...

Thanks again for all you do for all of us.

chris said...

Really love the Secrets track, many more will be longterm favorites I am sure.