Friday, January 1, 2021

Baby Boom - Driven too Far ep + 7" (1987, Cheese)

Believe it or not there's more than one band that christened themselves Baby Boom, but this one happened to roll out of Red Bank, NJ in the mid-80s.  Not pandering enough to appeal to the hard rock set, nor did they emanate enough ingenuity to make them a fixture at college radio, B/B nevertheless locked in on a formula that should've accorded them something more significant than mere local notoriety.  The distinctly rocking "Working Women" loosely borders on power pop, but the quartet's janglier tendencies amidst "Out of Nowhere" and "Reason to Hide," definitely skewed closer to that vein.  My copy of Driven Too Far was bundled with a bonus 1986 7", titled The Baby Boom Garage Sessions.  "Raining Glass" is four swell minutes of ringing, melodic guitar pop, that for a few seconds there recalls R.E.M.'s "Gardening at Night."  Heartfelt as the flip, "The Problem With Vicky and Laura," is, I found it a little too ballad-y for my discriminating ears.  For better or worse, there's really not any further details to be had on these folks, save for Discogs who inform us of a preceding single.  

01. Working Women
02. Out of Nowhere
03. Reason to Hide
04. Broken Records

bonus 7"
A. Raining Glass
B. The Problem With Vicky and Laura


D said...

Thanks, love your obscure selections. Happy New Year. Thanks.

Mike said...

I was just thinking about these guys. They had another 7" in 1985, "Wake Up" / "Tango Motel." Would love to hear that if anyone has it.