Thursday, October 19, 2017

Puppies - Fun is Right ep (1981 Hi-Rise)

These cheeky lil doggies function more along the lines of a Dalmatian than say, a German Shepard. This, their apparently lone 12" is more ironic than rambunctious, not unlike a cozier spin on what DEVO were peddling around the same era.  Sonically, the Pups were patently a product of their era, but less than gratuitous about propagating it.  Fun is Right's highlight is the nifty "Public Buildings" a synthy mid-tempo piece vaguely smacking of Gary Numan.  Unfortunately, it immediately leads into the ridiculous "Cat Food." Side two wins the consistency contest, despite "Worst In Me" winding things down on a lukewarm note.  In short, half stimulating, with the latter at least warranting a cursory listen.  Enjoy (or not).

01. Public Buildings
02. Cat Food
03. Mechanical Beat
04. Suite Little Unit
05. Atmopshere
06. Worst in Me

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