Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Kinetics - Nobody Knows tape (1983)

This one had me a little frustrated.  Way back in 2010 & '11 I shared a really solid single and full length by a solid tone-and-wave outfit going by the name of The Kinetics.  More recently I happened upon this cassette which I assumed was by the same band.  Turns out, the Kinetics I'm presenting today were in fact not one and the same, rather a New Jersey entity all to themselves, with a lineup featuring Dave Schramm and Fred Brockman.  Their bag was no-frills, rootsy pop, hearkening as far back as the fifties.  Sonically, these fellows weren't entirely removed from say, Buddy Holly, though the Kinetics man on the mic doesn't hold a candle to that bespeckled demigod.  "His Eyes" makes the biggest jangle among Nobody Knows half-dozen tracks. 

01. Now She's Knocking at My Door
02. His Eyes
03. Nobody Knows
04. Yellow Hair
05. Taken All My Toys Away
06. The Last Man

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