Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ten Inch Men - Hours n Pain ep (1986)

Ten Inch Men?  Either they're extremely short or immensely well endowed...but let's not ponder that, eh?  For reals though, this was a Long Beach, CA quartet whom I only know of through this 12."  My impression of TIM is at minimum somewhat favorable.  Some very synth-y goings-on here, but too muscular for the new romantic set.  Sometimes it's difficult to discern if the Men were striving for the coliseum or the cellar.  Their scope is ambitious, a la contemporaries Then Jerico, but at moments on Hours n Pain they could've made a dash for considerably more interesting environs.  More Ten Inch Men records were to follow, though I've yet to encounter them.

01. Flower Power
02. Bars of Time
03. Brick Wall
04. New Eyes


Dea Noa said...

Hi spavid
Can you maybe please post anything from No I.D. (5) ?

Avant Garble Mixtapes said...

I'm from Long Beach but I've never heard of these guys. Thanks!

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