Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wilde & Reckless ep (1981, Leo)

Tamer than their moniker might suggest, Wilde & Reckless were an Aussie five piece that sported a decidedly pedestrian power-pop tack that would have been in league with Tommy Tutone, Donnie Iris and the A's.  Short on innovation, taut execution and adequate hooks were Wilde's saving graces, and helped get them by on "Young Girls," "Why Won't You" and "What's Your Name."  Enjoy (or not).

01. Young Girl
02. She's Good to Me
03. What's Your Name
04. Radio
05. Little White Lies
06. Why Won't You.



billybadbum said...

Richard "Wilde" Wilkins was originally from New Zealand, having had some minor chart success there, and after W&R's astonishing lack of success here (one of my very early bands played support to them at a local golf club in 1982 - not exactly a prestige engagement!) he went on to host the initial Oz incarnation of MTV, when it existed as a three hour late night show on one of the commercial networks (before we had cable). Nowadays he's the entertainment reporter on that same commercial network, and is pretty much universally regarded as an irrelevant laughing stock.

spavid said...

Hmmm. Sounds logical. Let's hope Mr. Wilde has a thick skin. Thanks billy.