Thursday, June 23, 2016

Grey Parade - The Reason (1985, Plan B)

The vendor who sold me this wax affixed a post-it-note stating, in so many words, that this record fit's the band's moniker.  Bit of an exaggeration there, as was the Echo and the Bunnymen comparison also mentioned on the note.  If anything, Grey Parade's vaguely noir pastiche of wave and post-punk was less than radical, often culminating in what a fusion of the Lucy Show and Modern English would amount to.  The melancholia factor isn't as prominent as you might anticipate on The Reason, albeit the themes and prose populating the LP are intelligent and considered without getting too heady.  "Flags are Burning" and "Impressions of Africa" are great jumping off points for the unacquainted.  This was ostensibly the quartet's lone full length, and a seemingly difficult record to track down at that.

01. Crocodile Tears
02. Flags are Burning
03. Each Time We Touch
04. The Empty Room
05. The Reason
06. Winter
07. Exteriors
08. The Chosen Few
09. Impressions of Africa
10. Heaven and Hell



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