Friday, June 3, 2016

Impossible Tymes/Next Time Passions - split 7" (1993, Elefant)

Two bands from Greece, of all places, both of whom were under the rapturous spell of Anglo indie pop, say circa 1987.  The Next Time Passions seemed to enjoy a slightly higher profile than their counterparts, (whom I'll attend to in a moment).  Spilling over with homage to the stables of Sarah and Postcard Records, NTP bring a pair of stunners to table, coupling a jangly aesthetic with a touch of romantic angst.  "She" and "Bats 25" both border on the sublime. What's more, the Passions have additional releases to plunder.  

The Impossible Tymes were actually an outgrowth of the NTP, though I don't have much of a clue as to whom in the group the lineage applies to.  This was the band's only commercial release, and considerably more chilled out than their record-mates.  Per the blurb inside the sharp gatefold sleeve: A '60, '80s & '90s cocktail full of drum machine, new wave guitars, psychedelic organ and poppy, flower power vocals.  Indeed that's where this trio stands, but the question now is where do you stand?  Download and find out for yourself.  BTW, both bands sing in English, but you'll pick up on the Greek accidents faster than you can say Field Mice.

Impossible Tymes
01. The Things You Love
02. Dream Brush Paint

Next Time Passions
01. She
02. Bats 25



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