Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out of the Fire - Into the Frying Pan (1988, Blast)

There's nil biographical data to be obtained regarding the co-ed Out of the Fire, so I suppose that this quartet's thinly sardonic yet otherwise nondescript spin on late '80s wave/indie rock is wholly fitting.  I was expecting this to be on the noir/goth wavelength, but instead Into the Frying Pan amounts to a relatively straitlaced affair.  Keys and organ are present, albeit not dominant.  As for text, OotF were of plaintive and pedestrian stock with the writing veering towards the redundant.  That leaves the music itself to compensate, and it does so capably on the swirling "Boys & the Girls" and the driving hoedown "Feel no Pain."  The whole eight-song affair closes out with the campy horror spoof, "Shopping Cart Murders."  Murder by shopping cart?  Must have been an '80s thang.  Enjoy (or not). 

01. Take it on a Ride
02. Merry Go Round
03. Cold in the Room
04. Boys & the Girl
05. Round & Round
06. Feel No Pain
07. Flowers in Your Hair
08. Shopping Cart Murders



Beefheart Smiles said...

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spavid said...

? What was the name of it? I remove sites periodically if they haven't been updated in a long time. Please don't take anything I do on here personally.

Beefheart Smiles said...

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Obscurealternatives said...

Great obscure post - I immediately went out into the online marketplace to snag a copy.

Jim P. said...

I found some information, apparently this band is linked to Bruce Joyner from the Unknowns and they regroup 14 years ago!

Unknown said...

I need reupload, please, somebody could reupload this album? I don't find it anywhere.

Unknown said...

Link is down. Somebody there can reupload, please?!


For the love of God will you please re-up this?! Pleaseandthankyou!

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