Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Graphic - Baysongs (1985, Baysongs)

Another Orange County jewel.  Blurring the lines between new age and new romantic (skewing heavily to the latter), Graphic's surreal choice of sleeve art is somewhat reflective of the occasionally exotic and sublime music ensconced within Baysongs.  I'm honing in on traces of Haircut 100 and the Three O'clock, among such other plush contemporaries, but there's a freshness and sophistication to these ten cuts that thrust this Irvine, CA quartet beyond the pop stratosphere.  I might also add that tasteful flourishes of sax blend in smoothly with Baysongs breezy proceedings. Cool disk.

If you want to take this one out for a test drive before d/l, someone has made a streaming version available on Bandcamp.  The version I'm offering below is my own rip.

01. In a Different World
02. The Hour Has Come
03. The Cast
04. Medieval Daydream
05. Someday You'll Look Back
06. Jacquie
07. In Transition
08. The Baysong
09. To the Good Guys
10. The City


Cresh Wainright said...

Just downloaded Graohic album, liked nyour review! You have a great site! Thanks a million, Will!

Abovedarkness said...

This album is smooth. funny right when you think the songs get cheesy they throw in some hook to change album growing on me.

Marcio said...