Friday, June 20, 2014

Doll Congress ep (1983, Enigma)

I went into this one with a couple of serious misconceptions.  Doll Congress' lineup contained a pre-solo/pre-fame Michael Penn, who would later rise to prominence in the late '80s with a big 'ol Top-40 hit.  He also happened to be the brother of Sean Penn.  I was under the impression that Michael fronted Doll Congress.  Not exactly.  Furthermore, an unverifiable source led me to believe that D/C were all about the power pop.  Waaaay off the mark.  The lead-off number, "Concrete and Clay" is outright owned by chanteuse Gabriele Morgan, whose ungodly high pitch is at the very least an appropriate pairing for this tropical slice of pseudo new wave.  Clearly not what I was expecting.  The two flip-sides are at least a tad more in my wheelhouse.  The comparatively rockin' "Easy to Touch" bears a bouncy, Blondie-esque panache that I don't have nearly as much of a beef with, and we finally get to hear Mike adorn the mic on "The Main,"the closest Doll Congress comes to offering conventional guitar chords.  Make what you will of this long defunct L.A. quintet.

A. Concrete and Clay
B1. Easy to Touch
B2. The Main


Bruce K. said...

Michael Penn, I've got to hear it. I expect, however, that your description will have allowed me to appropriately lower expectations.

jlg said...

Note: Concrete & Clay is a cover song, first done by Unit 4 + 2 in the 60s.

When I saw the title I was like, hmmm, I wonder... And yes, the original is much better than this.

spavid said...

Had no idea it was a cover. Thanks jlg.

Matt said...

i've never been able to find this. i could kiss you. thank you, sir!

Bruce K. said...

To paraphrase the Simpsons retrospective looking back at some Tracey Ullman-era animation, "He hasn't changed a bit!"