Sunday, June 5, 2022

Keep in mind I’m the only one listening.

Excellent co-ed indie from 1994 you've likely never encountered. Enjoy. 

**Please do not reveal artist in comments!**



boozy78 said...
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Christian said...

Hi! I'm looking for the album Home (1994) by the band Deep Blue Something. Can't find anything online but I am extremely curious to hear it. Could you please help me if possible? Cheers!

Failsafe said...

A really competent album.
Shouldn't be as obscure as it is.

aj said...

Hi there. I'm a newcomer to your interesting blog. For some reason I can't seem to play any of these mystery recordings - I receive an error message. Is there an easy fix you're aware of? Thanks. AJ

EricC said...

@aj, stupid question, did you unzip them? And what is the error message?

Now on with my regularly scheduled comment.

I loved this, went out and got the other two CDs just to have the lot.

aj said...

@EricC - it says..

"this site can't provide a secure connection sent an invalid response
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics

This happens on both my Mac and PC. Not trying to make you tech support. I'm used to suffering. I will do my part to figure out this conniption.


EricC said...

@AJ, bet you are using Chrome.