Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Tickets (retrospective 1986-1990), (Brewery, 2006)

Yep, this is a reissue, though with no biographical liner notes to refer to there's only so much in the way of background details I have to offer.  The Tickets were a power pop quartet (presumably from southern California based on tracking session locations) that left the world a single in 1986, and a full length cassette album, The Tickets Make a Record, four years later.  The Tic's Beatles-esque tendencies were more subtle than blatant, but still identifiable.  The overarching tenor of these songs weren't far removed from those inhabiting a bevy of hopefuls in the '90s power pop revival that would soon materialize on Yellow Pills compilations and the whole Not Lame and IPO circuits.  Song-wise you won't find any throwaways here, but exceptional moments like "Way Down Here" and "Yesterday's Girl," the fantastic b-side from that '86 7" I mentioned are a tad scarcer.  Although he didn't produce any of the material populating The Tickets, L.A. pop maven Walter Clevenger did a fine job in managing this retrospective.  

01. Our Two Hearts
02. Dream About Me
03. Way Down Here
04. Everything
05. How the Good Things Come
06. I Don't Belong
07. Heartland
08. The One That I Loved You
09. Nothing Else I Can Do
10. Last Dance for You
11. She Got Away
12. Yesterday's Girl
13. Way Down Here (alternate vocal)
14. I Don't Belong (alternate vocal)


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Bruce Brodeen said...

Glad you did a shout out to Walter for his vision and passion to make this project happen. I was pretty excited to get this one up on the Not Lame site back in '06 and help get the word out on this obscurity well-worthy of finding an audience.

johnnybgoode said...

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