Friday, February 7, 2020

Ring Theatre ep (1985, Out)

I keep finding great unsung Austin, TX bands from a good 30+ years ago and though I don't know much about Ring Theatre's collective bona fides, I'm happy to report they're well above average.  Not resembling or mimicking anyone in particular, the quartet's serrated guitar pop dabbles in lightweight punk chords on the feisty opener "Mrs. Ann" and "Second's Romance."  Elsewhere the going never gets too middle-of-the-road thanks to RT's organic power pop angles and humble garage tendencies.  In fact, this platter isn't far removed from such other cold cases I've dispensed to you over the years by Public Bulletin and Signal Thirty, arcane as those references may be.  This appeared to be Ring Theatre's one and only vinyl offering. If anyone in the audience has more details don't be a stranger.

01. Mrs. Ann
02. Julia
03. Second's Romance
04. Kill Yourself
05. Remember May


bristolboy said...

There appears to be another track by them "Shoes" on this 1988 Glitch sampler compilation

bobbybank said...

would you repost public bulletin and signal thirty? many thanks!

spavid said...

I saw that comp track bristolboy. Thanks. Will try for those re-ups soon.

Scaggsaway said...

This is another one of those things I have already but could never guess how if not from you. Not that this clears anything up.