Sunday, February 23, 2020

Light a Big Fire - Gunpowders ep (1985, Statik)

This may not be my most crucial wax I share this year, but I do enjoy it.  For a band hailing from Dublin these guys didn't sound a stitch Irish.  Nor did Light a Big Fire strike me as a product of anything emanating from the British isles, save for maybe the Screaming Blue Messiahs, of which they shared a slightly skewed sense of humor with.  Truth be told they sound wholeheartedly American, in the vicinity of Jason and the Scorchers.  A little pedestrian, and even more subtly rootsy, but the tunes are fun and hold up.  I plucked the following bio blurb from Irish, albeit it doesn't mention that Pete Holidai from Irish punk rockers The Radiators eventually joined LaBF's lineup.

Formed in Dublin in 1982 when bass player Pat Driskin got together with a couple of friends, guitarist Pete Dench and drummer Ray Rowland. They were joined by singer Tom McLaughlin from Belfast and additional vocalists Daunta Grudrinska and Owen Conroy. They signed to Eamonn Carr's Hotwire Records in Ireland (Carr became one of their managers) and released a number of singles in Ireland as well as the mini-album, 'Gunpowders'. They signed an international deal with Siren Records and released the album 'Surveillance'. 

01. C.I.A.
02. I See People
03. 2 Moons
04. The Boom-Boom Room
05. Tommy's Got a Good Job
06. You Can Love a Woman


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